A Healthy Study Environment Matters!

What are some ways to create a healthy study environment at home? Consider the following suggestions:

  • Encourage your student to keep their cell phone in a separate room. A research study from the University of Texas in Austin showed that students who kept their phone on their desk or in their backpack had a harder time focusing on homework tasks than students who kept their device in another room of the house. Put some distance between your student and their phone!
  • Help your student keep their study space organized. Believe it or not, if the space where your student studies is clean and organized, your student will find it easier to focus on completing tasks rather than being distracted by the chaos around them.
  • Comfort counts. Let your student personalize their space and include a comfortable chair or designate a corner of the living room where they can relax on the couch. This can make a difference in their attitude toward their work.
  • Remove distractions. Cell phones aren’t the only distractions present in our homes. Other electronic devices, siblings, etc., can cause a student to be distracted.
  • Try a study schedule. Creating a study schedule means your student has to look at their assignment sheet for each class and estimate how much time it will take to complete each subject. This exercise can help your student learn which of their classes will require more time, and this information can help them plan better.

Parents, effective study habits take time. Be intentional about helping your student create the most effective environment in which to study. It can make a difference!

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