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Extracurricular Eligibility Reminder

Just a reminder that in order for a secondary student (grades 7-12) to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities (athletics and fine arts), a student must be passing ALL classes with at least a 70%. According to the Extracurricular Handbook the following procedures are in place:

  • A student who receives, at the end of any grading period (after the first six weeks of the school year), a grade below 70 in any class may not participate in extracurricular activities for two school weeks. They may not be on the bench with the team, dress as a member of the team or travel with the team.  
  • They will be allowed (and expected) to practice with the team during this period. 
  • Ineligible students will be allowed to attend the event as a non-participating GPA student.  
  • After the two-week period of ineligibility has passed, if a student continues to fail the initial class(es), the student shall remain ineligible on a week to week basis until such time the student is passing those classes.
  • If passing all classes, the student regains eligibility at the conclusion of two school weeks.
  • A student may also lose extracurricular eligibility if placed on academic probation. The period of ineligibility is at the discretion of the Administration.

Grace and Waiting Period:  A seven calendar day grace and waiting period is always applicable after grading periods and periods of ineligibility. Example: A student is failing one or more classes at the End of Term 1, Friday, September 23rd. The student becomes ineligible for competition at 3:30pm on Friday, September 30th. The student will regain eligibility on Friday, October 14th at 3:30pm.

End of Term 1 – September 23
Loss of Eligibility – September 30 @ 3:30pm
Regain Eligibility – October 14 @ 3:30pm

End of Term 2 – November 7 (Date changes due to early dismissal weather event on 11/4. All students eligible over the Thanksgiving holiday period.)
Loss of Eligibility – November 18 @ 3:30pm
Regain Eligibility – December 9 @ 3:30pm

End of Term 3 – December 16 (All students eligible over the Christmas holiday period.)
Loss of Eligibility – January 11 (Wednesday) @ 3:30pm
Regain Eligibility – January 25 (Wednesday) @ 3:30pm

End of Term 4 – February 17
Loss of Eligibility – February 24 @ 3:30pm
Regain Eligibility – March 10 @ 3:30pm

End of Term 5 – April 6 (Thursday)
Loss of Eligibility – April 14 @ 3:30pm
Regain Eligibility – April 28 @ 3:30pm

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