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Grace Preparatory Academy

Faculty & Staff



Susan Crosier

Head of School

Vonda Nunley


Denise Webb

Assistant Principal

Josh Duke

Athletic Director

Carrie Foster

Fine Arts Coordinator

Kara Gunn

Student & Family Ministries Director

Scott Marks

Finance Director

Allie Mauldin

Academic Advising Coordinator

Kathy Sigrist

Admissions Director

Phil Smith

Facilities & Campus Logistics Director

Elementary Faculty

Ember Altimus

Enrichment Teacher

Katy Anderson

Kindergarten Math & Science 

Alison Barton

5th Grade English & History

Kari Bonner

1st Grade English & Social Studies

Elaine Chapman

6th Grade English & History

Misty Chase

Kindergarten English & Social Studies

Barb Curreri

2nd Grade English & Social Studies

Stacy Jones

5th Grade Math & Science

Summer Jordan

Physical Education

Donna Mackenzie

3rd Grade English & Social Studies

Emily Simmons

4th Grade English & History

Nancy Offutt

6th Grade Math & Science

Cindy Sangenito

Academic Language Therapist

Brandy Schmoker

4th Grade Math & Science

Sherri Scott

1st Grade Math & Science

Katie Schell

Physical Education Aide

Tammy White

3rd Grade Math & Science

Heather Woolbright

2nd Grade Math & Science

Secondary Faculty

Marsha Bryan

JH Theater Drama
HS Theater 1 & 2

Lisa Bullington

10th Grade English
10th Grade Pre-AP English
12th Grade English

Carrie Foster

Fine Arts Coordinator
9th Grade Biology

Erin Froehner

8th Grade Physical Science

Emily Gordon

7th Grade Math
7th Grade Pre Algebra
7th Grade TX History

Gretchen Graber

7th Grade Honors English
8th Grade US History
JH Art

Sara Heflin

7th & 8th Grade English
8th Grade Honors English
Speech & Debate

Candice Hilton

10th Grade Chemistry/Honors Chemistry
Physics/Honors Physics

Rachel Hogan

11th Grade English/AP English
AP US History

Angel Ingram

JH Biblical Truths

Suzy Lindem

Spanish 1 & 2
Art 1 & 2
Christian Hospitality

Ricky Lindsey

JH Technology

David McCardle

Graphic Design

Rachel Moore

9th & 10th Grade Geometry
College Prep Math

Abby Munzing

American Sign Language 1, 2, & 3

Dan Nieboer

Honors Spanish 3 & 4

Nancy Offutt

Forensic Science

Bruce Strawn

11th Grade US History
12th Grade Government & Economics

Kathy Peck

7th Grade Life Science

Chad Pegues

JH & HS Personal Training

Wendy Smith

Health & Environmental Science
Anatomy & Physiology

Martha Wilhelm

10th Grade World Studies 2
10th Grade Pre-AP World Studies 2

Valerie Trentham

JH & HS Choir

Kurt Wetterling

9th Grade World Studies 1
Business Principles

Adrienne Wiles

8th Grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1
9th Grade Algebra 1


Tamra Brudi

Events & Activities Coordinator

Aimee Piotrowski

Secondary Nurse

Sadie Ek

Elementary Nurse

Nicki Patterson

Elementary Admissions Counselor, Communications Manager

Aubri Gallas


Ryan Chambers

Assistant to Athletic Director

Marty Pinon

Front Office

Nikki Vassar

Front Office

Jennifer Watson

Front Office

Robin Wetterling

Administrative Assistant

Troy Chambers


Peyton Picou


Chris Horvath

Safety Officer

Carmen Ramirez


Board of Directors

Mr. David Chase


Mr. Rand Toulouse

Vice Chairman 

Mr. Philip Wambsganss


Mrs. Stephanie Swenson


Dr. Courtney Walker

Board Member

Mr. David Cook, ESQ.

Board Member

Mrs. Jayme Yates

Board Member

Mr. Will Eubanks

Board Member

Mr. Delario Bolton

Board Member

Mr. Daryl Thorton

Advisory Member

Dr. Jay Sedwick

Advisory Member

Dr. Todd Moore

Advisory Member

Mr. Paul Storm, Esq.

Advisory Member