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From Susan Crosier

Happy September! I love the sound of that! The thought of cooler temperatures and pumpkin spice everything makes me so happy! At Grace Prep, this is the time of the year when we begin talking about all things North Texas Giving Day. For those of you new to Lion Nation, NTGD is a big deal for us. This is the one “ask” we make each year to complete a project that will better our school. North Texas Giving Day is September 21st. On this day, we will gather, make phone calls, rally all the troops to accomplish our goal, and have a big party at the Levitt Pavilion, where we show our Lion Nation pride! It truly is a super fun day! This year, we are raising money to transform our classrooms.  Will new classrooms help us look more like Jesus? Absolutely not. But striving to do everything with excellence is what the Lord asks of us. 

As you know, our campus serves students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. So, each day, our facilities team ensures that our classrooms are “flipped” so that they are set up and ready for the next school day. For some classrooms, this includes changing chairs, too. Educational furniture has come so far in the last 30 years. New furniture will provide endless benefits to our learning environment. Our students will have the opportunity for more collaborative work, and the flexibility of the classrooms will be a game changer. We will have renderings in the foyer of the education building so you can see how incredible this will be for our school! I cannot wait to tell you more about it! This will impact every single student at Grace Prep, and I am so grateful for that! 


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