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March 19, 1:30PM


Written by Chris Harper

March 19, 2020

Family, today at noon, Governor Greg Abbot closed all Texas schools through April 3, 2020. Grace Prep, of course, will honor the Governor’s decree and will continue online learning/education through April 3, 2020. After April 3, we hope our situation improves to the point where we can gather again. Terra Nova testing is canceled and will not be rescheduled.

Allow me to leave you with this today… earlier I received a note from one of my seminary professors, Mark Bailey, who happens to be the President of Dallas Theological Seminary. In the note, Dr. Bailey wrote;

“Christopher, I would like to lead us to one of my favorite passages for times of crisis – Psalm 145. The Psalmist exhorts us to direct our attention and that of future generations to praise God. The call to praise (1–7) reminds us of our privileged response for each day and all eternity. Three clusters form the content of such praise: God’s character and kingdom (8–13); His care and kindness (14-16); and His compassion and keeping (17–21).  

Each segment is pregnant with meaningful truths about God’s character, His works, and what He expects in our responses. The wonder-filled attributes of God that are highlighted include His greatness, goodness, righteousness, grace, mercy, kindness, faithfulness, power, sovereignty, and generosity. His wonderful works show that He is a ruling, sustaining, raising, rescuing, providing, satisfying, responding, fulfilling, and attentively hearing kind of God.

The attributes show the perfection of His character, and His actions show He is always present in the midst of our real-life circumstances. He will never act inconsistently with His character. Therefore, not only is He worthy of our trust but deserves our wholehearted worship as well.

How would He want us to respond to this pandemic? Underline these words in the text and internalize them in your thinking. From verses 4–7 we see God wants us to praise Him in our communication, meditation, proclamation, celebration, and even the lyrics of our “singsperation.”

Please join me in praying for the rapid containment of this threatening virus, which challenges the health and well-being of our world. And as God’s people, let us think from a biblical worldview and act in ways that bring witness to our great God who has shown us this better way.”

Be well today, and I hope to see you soon,

– C. Harper

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