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North Texas Giving Day Dollars at Work


Written by Ryan Chambers

January 19, 2018

It has been almost five months since we raised over $200,000 at North Texas Giving Day. Once again Grace Prep showed up and showed out, winning multiple awards including the Mayor’s Peoples Choice Award.

We want you to know that since that day in September, we have been putting your gifts to good use – in the areas of technology, transportation, and touch-ups, Grace Prep is progressing forward. Here are a few things we’ve done:

– Installation of Screen Cloud Messaging and Tech on multiple TV’s throughout campus
– DropBox and “Turn it In” data subscriptions
– 3 Computers on Wheels (“COW” Carts)
24 New Laptops 
– Doc-U-Cameras in Every Classroom
New Surveillance and Security Equipment and Cameras throughout the campus 

Cubbie/Lockers for Elementary and Primary Students
– Wall Carpeting
– New Shades in all the Classrooms
New Foyer and Hallway Floor in the EDU Building
– Pallet Wall in the Foyer
– New Foyer Sign (Coming Soon)
– 24’ x 16’ Professional Portable Stage
Refinished the Stairs and Landings
– Wall Art in the EDU Hallway

– Over the last few months we were able to unload our old fleet and transition to a rental company. Currently, we are measuring the benefits of owning our own buses vs. renting from a fully-insured and licensed bus company. We will conclude our analysis in the spring.

Thanks to everyone who participated in NTGD this year. We were able to do all of these things and more because of the kindness you demonstrated towards our school. We look forward to a spectacular NTGD 2018 and can’t wait to see how God will grow Grace next fall.


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