Upcoming in Elementary

Discover the exciting events happening in elementary at GPA and what they’re all about. This article will walk you through the fun activities that engage students and build a sense of community in the fall semester. 

Thursday, October 26 – Math & Science Night: Math & Science night is full of hands-on and experiential fun engaging with math and science. This night is a come and go experience to move through and navigate with the whole family. (This is different from History Night in the spring, which is a presentation based event.)

Tuesday, October 31 – Starbooks/Buddy Reading/Pajama Day:
Starbooks is our “Book Coffee Shop” experience. We get parent volunteers to be baristas for the day to serve hot chocolate (typically in little coffee cups) to our friends and read books to them. This is mixed with buddy reading day and pajama day.
Buddy Reading is where we match older students with younger ones. The younger friends bring some of their favorite books for the older ones to read to them, and the older ones also bring some of their favorite books when they were younger to read, as well. It is a super sweet time! : )
Pajama Day is just fun! : )

Tuesday & Thursday, November 14 & 16 – Elementary Book Fair: We have a scholastic book fair open this week. Parents can come check it out, too.

Thursday, November 16 – Grandparents’ Day: Grandparents’ Day is our only early dismissal day of the year. The specifics are still being finalized, but we typically release about 11-11:30am (there will be a plan shared closer to time for how that will work). We encourage grandparents (or other special people in their life) to come pick them up that day. Activities typically include taking them on a tour of the school to show them their favorite places, taking them to their classroom to show off some of their work, having some hot chocolate together, and going to the book fair. It is a go at your own pace kind of event, and they are free to leave with their grandparents when they are done. It is always a sweet time! : )

December 5, 7, 12, and 14 – Christmas Dress Up Days: Christmas Dress Up Days make school so much more fun in the Christmas season. Specifics for each day will come out closer to time. : )

Thursday, December 7 – S’mores Day: S’mores Day is when we make s’mores during the school day. It is super fun to roast marshmallows together by the firepit! This is usually flannel day, but we will keep you posted! : )

Thursday, December 14 – Christmas Party Day: Christmas parties are a lot of fun and focus on Jesus’ birth! : ) They are typically at the end of the day, and the time frame depends on the grade. Once grade level parents are in place, they will recruit volunteers to help plan/run this and the other two parties (Valentine’s and Easter).

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