We believe Grace Prep is the best school around.

From kindergarten to your senior year, Grace Prep is a place your child will feel loved, included and welcomed. We invite you to join us on campus, as we believe the campus experience is the best way to understand why Grace Prep is the school for you.

What makes Grace Prep so great?

There are so many things that make our community so special. You really need to visit our campus as that’s the best way to find out, but here are some of the reasons why you’ll love Grace Prep…

Small Classes

Small classes mean more individual interaction with teachers and closer relationships with your classmates.

Time at Home

You get your evening dinners together back and more time with your kid during the most critical years of their development.

More Activities

Your child has so many opportunities for sports, clubs, plays and more! They can try it all and find out what they like!

Outstanding Faculty

Our teachers love teaching and love students. Your child will have meaningful connections with strong Christian teachers.

Jennifer Watson

Director of Admissions

Jennifer is the first face of Grace Prep for new applicants. She knows all things Grace Prep and will guide you through the steps from your on campus visit to the application and interview process. Set up a campus visit now – we promise it’s the best way to see what Grace is like and how you’ll fit into the family!

On the campus visit, you’ll start in the Admissions Office meeting with Jennifer. She will give you an overview of our university model and how our school works. Bring your questions and let’s talk. After a visit, you’ll get to look around the campus and see some classes in action.

It’s the best way to learn about Grace Prep and we can’t wait to talk to you!

How do I become a Grace Prep Lion?

We will walk with you through the process, because we want to make sure our model of education will work with your individual circumstances.


No website can show you how it all feels…you can only do that by visiting us in person and seeing it for yourself.


Once you’re ready, we’ll guide you through the application process. Don’t worry, it’s easy!


Based on availability and other factors, we will send invitations to our newest family members. Get started today!


FOR 2024-2025!

We are looking for new family members – go ahead and apply!


What does it cost?

$6,575 to $7075 Annually

$7,700 to $8,250 Annually

$11,025 to $12,325 Annually

$12,625 to $12,950 Annually

Private Education is an Investment

Education is an investment in your child’s future and it is a financial investment that requires a big commitment. We understand that and know the decision to attend a private school does not come lightly.

While Grace Preparatory Academy tuition currently ranges from $6,200 to $12,150, the average cost of educating a Grace Prep student is much higher. Unlike most private schools, Grace Prep practices an all-inclusive tuition structure, not charging families extraneous monthly fees for continuous enrollment, technology, facilities, extra-curricular activities, class trips, and various other expenditures.

We hope finances never deter anyone from experiencing what Grace Prep can do for their child(ren) and family.


Graduates Accepted to College


High School Students Play at Least One Sport


Of Faculty Hold a Master’s Degree or Higher


National Merit Finalists since 2001