Grace Prep believes engaged students are the best kind of students.

We have a robust student life at Grace. From chapel to cheer, drama to football, volleyball to art, we offer activities all week to make your student well-rounded.

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Spiritual Development

We want you to grow as a Christian.

If you graduate without loving God more than when you started, we’ve failed you. Our goal is for you to know him more and more every year, so just as you excel academically, you grow to know God more and more.

For K-6, chapel happens once a month. K and 1 have chapel together, and the rest of elementary has chapel just with their class. Our goal is to have smaller group with more interaction and messaged tailored for each age.

In secondary, we have chapel every Wednesday. Junior High attends the first Wednesday of the month, 9th and 10th on the second, and 11th and 12th on the third. This gives us the ability to speak to each student right where they are spiritually and developmentally.

On the fourth Wednesday, we have Chapel Seminar Day. Students pick small group sessions with guest leaders to listen to God’s teachings on everything from stress to dating, human trafficking to apologetics. Each student chooses the class they want to attend each month.

Kick the year off meeting new friends!

We start the new school year with Cub Camp and Lion Camp! It’s the perfect way to meet everyone, and it’s all included in your tuition!

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Junior High Cub Camp

You get to skip the first Monday of the month and spend the day on the ropes course with your new family!

High School Lion Camp

Spend the night at the school and worship, dance and play together for 24 hours of action-packed fun!

Student Clubs help you explore interests, try new things and give you a social break every Wednesday.

Academic and Social Clubs

We bring the fun!

From club days to dances, popsicles and surprises, we love to have fun at Grace Prep!

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Academic Clubs

National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta and Student Council are great ways to learn leadership and push yourself academically.

Social Clubs

Join the Reading Club, Cube Club, Cooking Club or many other chances. Try new things and get to know your friends better outside the classroom.

Dress Up Days and Dances

We have homecoming dress up days, Christmas dress us days, s’mores day and more. We mean it when we say we bring the fun!

We love competition, teamwork and school spirit.
We are Lion Nation!


We want you to excel athletically.

Athletics are a great way to get to know other students, grow physically and explore your God-given gifts in sports. We have teams for both boys and girls starting in 7th grade.

During Junior High, we encourage you to try it all! We have football, basketball, track and volleyball for junior high students – even if you haven’t played a sport before. Additionally get your running shoes ready for cross country and track. Try it and see what suits you. You may be surprised. Best part if you get to know other people on your team and in the stands.

Starting in high school we have varsity and junior varsity teams in basketball, baseball, volleyball and football. Additionally we have cross country, track and field, and both team and individual tennis. 70% of our high school students play a sport, and everyone on an athletic team takes 7th period athletics.

All our athletic programs are organized under the direction of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).


Find out what it means to have true teamwork, a new close family and the chance to chase the wins together as a team!


Try things you’ve never tried before and you will be surprised what all you can do! Take the chance and go for it!


Besides team victories, we honor scholar athletes and monthly MVPs! Your hard work could just get you an Amazon shopping spree!

You have a creative streak and don’t be afraid to show it!

Fine Arts

We want you to show your creativity.

At Grace Prep, we take immense pride in our exceptional Fine Arts program, which is renowned for its excellence. We believe that the arts are an essential part of a well-rounded education. Our programs continue to receive numerous awards and accolades while empowering students to develop their creativity, build confidence, and form lasting relationships. Here, we nurture and celebrate the God-given talents of our students across a spectrum of art forms including theatre, debate, visual arts, esports, pottery, choir, and journalism. The skills they acquire in this program extend beyond the stage and the canvas, preparing them for success in life.