Summer Reading and Math!

Welcome to Summertime!! Let’s go for cool dips in the pool, eat frosty snow cones, and take road trips to all the places!

Along the way and in the midst of all the fun, please be sure to access the summer reading and math assignments below. The information is based on your student’s grade level for the 24-25 school year. Standard and Honors assignments for each grade level are listed in the same document, except for those students taking AP Language (11th grade) or AP Literature (12th grade). Information for all summer math assignments may be found in the information letter and math log.

Our advice is not to wait! Parents, how many times have we regretted procrastinating about something?? Help your student by accessing the assignment now and planning how it will be completed before school begins. Time management is a skill that has to be practiced!

These assignments are required…yes, it’s that important! Reading and math assignments will be due when your student returns to school in August.

Please let us know if you have any questions! Happy Reading and Solving!


Your Secondary Academic Team!


7th Grade English:

8th Grade English:

9th Grade English:

10th Grade English:

11th Grade English:

AP Lang/Comp:

AP Lit/Comp:

12th Grade English:


Intro Letter:

Math Log:

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